Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must be a regular student of a government run medical college in Pakistan recognised by PMDC. FAMS scholarship is NOT available to students of private medical colleges.
  2. You must not be receiving scholarship from any other source during the time your are getting FAMS scholarship.
  3. Fee through FAMS scholarship is only paid into a college account. Under no circumstances, a student fee can be transferred into a personal account.
  4. There should be no breach of discipline, neglect of duties or reprehensible conduct on your part while you are receiving FAMS scholarship.
  5. FAMS reserves the right to cancel your scholarship immediately at any time without any prior notice should any of the above conditions are falsely declared.

How to Apply

  1. Download Forms A&B.
  2. Complete both forms in capital letters with black ink. Form B must be signed by the principal and countersigned by one of the college faculty staff.
  3. You must provide your contact details, phone number and e-mail . No application will be considered without this information.
  4. Once the forms are completed, e-mail them to aamir234@hotmail.com.
  5. The applications will be considered by the FAMS Board of Directors and you will be notified of the result through your e-mail.

Application Forms A & B